Getting Your Second Hand Furniture Back to Shape!
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If you fancy an old piece of furniture at a local thrift shop, but are hesitant to buy it, you are probably wondering what you would do with it? In your mind, you see some potential in the piece but you are not quite sure if you have the creativity or even the time to pull it off.

The likely choice is to purchase the piece and then look around to hire a professional furniture restorer who can do it for you. This is ideal for items that would require extensive repair and work to make it reusable.

For instance, an antique dining table that is water stained and missing a leg. Restoring this piece to its former glory would require hours of work. Thus, it would also involve serious labour and material costs.

But if you consider yourself to be handy with a hammer or paint brush, it might be interesting to take on the task yourself. Simple projects like repainting old furniture is relatively easy.

For example, an old chair that is strong enough to last a few more years may only need to be re coated with fresh paint to look like new. Remember to clean and sand the piece first to remove blemishes that may just be highlighted after painting.

Even second hand office furniture can effortlessly be re purposed to give it a new lease on life in your home. An outdated filling cabinet with loose hinges can easily be fixed. Screws can tightened and with a fresh coat of varnish, the cabinet would look great in a home office.

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